How to Tell Real UGG Boots from Fake

There are lots of eBay guides on how to tell original

UGG boots from fake ones. Most of them, however, focus on the creative ways of spotting fake UGGs (like bending the sole, checking the stitching, burning the fur, etc.) and overlook the simplest and yet most trustworthy way checking

Since Fall 2010, all UGG and I Heart UGG products come with a security label and/or sticker that is used to guarantee its authenticity. UGG Australia regularly updates the security label for additional protection. Detailed instructions on how to read UGG security features are available on

the official website of

UGG Australia, and here’s a brief summary of it:

UGG and I Heart UGG products made in Fall 2010 Spring 2012 come with a holographic UGG and sun logo on security label. It must change color from black to white when rotated 90 degrees.

UGG and I Heart UGG products made in Fall 2012 Spring 2013 come with a holographic sun logo on security label that changes color from black to white when rotated 90 degrees and has a 3D effect.

UGG and I Heart UGG products made after Fall 2013 come with a security QR code that, upon scanning with a smartphone, leads to official UGG webpage that verifies the product as genuine UGG.

The boots are from UGG Italian Collection, which comes without security features.

The product is a pre production sample. Pre production samples are the first few pieces created prior to the final production run. For UGG Australia products, pre production samples are only available in sizes US 7 (Women) and US 9 (Men). No exceptions.

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